Chirag is a young aspiring artist from Mumbai,India.

He developed a passion for photography in school and has since decided to pursue this dream professionally.

His journey began with capturing people in real life settings.

Over the years he has found himself travelling long distances in search of photographic freedom, looking to inculcate new ideas and possibilities into his visual work.

Venturing into little known places has brought it’s own set of Adventures & Lifestyles, which he wishes to share with the world, through pictures.

To him Photography is more than just the perfect shot. It is an experiential release, “of immersing oneself in the beauty of what one sees with their eyes”.

He has shot for various companies like Aquaterra Adventures, Indiahikes, BMC Adventures.

Commercial clients like One Plus, Bambah Boutique, Roda Hotels, Harissons Bags, and Aamby Valley City also for magazines namely Discover India and Conde Nast Traveller.


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