-A world created for the love of life.

“Where every moment is a memory that is lived, relished, rejoiced, and revived.”

In the words of the Adventure Travel Tourism Association, “Adventure is becoming more luxurious and luxury more adventurous.” At Aamby, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

It’s been a while since I have had a relaxing weekend, being in the city, swarming of people and needing a vacation is only natural so me and my sister decided to chill for the weekend at Aamby Valley City.

The city has plenty of activities going for it. You can do water and adventure sports, eat in the many restaurants, shop at the town plaza and do what Aamby does the best, relax.

It is locaated in the heart of the Sahyadhari Hills, around an hour drive from Lonavala.

We reached the place at around 1pm and were provided with an Aussie Room. The room was spacious with a  great view, perfect sized bed and a balcony that overlooks the hills where you can enjoy a cup of coffee during sunrise. 

We rested for a while, took a couple of photos in the balcony and in the room, and planned for the next 2 days.

We headed out from the Villa at 4pm straight to the horse stable we didn’t go for a ride but we got some great images with the pretty ponies. The staff was really co-operative.

Next up was water sports, we booked a speed boat and a ride in the Jet extreme, you guys should try any one of them, I’d say go for the Jet extreme since it’s more exciting but be ready to get wet!

The sun was almost setting when we got to the beautiful golf course and took some more photos!

(Try coming here in the morning, it’s a better time and you can book a tour of the golf course, they charge around Rs 200)

We got back to the Villa, rested for a while, charged the batteries and went off to see the ‘Fountain of Fortune’ which is  just opposite to the reception, it was a 5 minute walk from our Villa. It’s a 20 min fountain show and it should be on your list!

Took a quick hot shower and ended up at the Woodpecker Restaurant for dinner.

It’s a multi cuisine restaurant, we tried out some Spinach spring rolls and Bean Tortillas, to end it we had a Brownie and a scoop of Vanilla!

We couldn’t wait to get back to enjoy the room.


Day 2!

I got up at 5:30am to shoot sunrise, packed all my gear and headed to The Lagoon.

It’s a serene place, I would suggest to go there in the morning and enjoy the sunrise, play a sport and take a dip in the pool. There’s a beautiful Mediterranean Restaurant ‘Mabruk’ (closed on a tuesday)  by the Lagoon where you can enjoy your meal while the kids splash in the wave pool.

 We had our breakfast at the Woodpecker Restaurant, they really have delicious Muffins, do not miss out on that.

We changed into our costumes and took a dip in the pool, had lunch(they’ve a great buffet!) and ended up at the 19 Degree North Adventure Sports. We started off with a zipline above a valley to a safari offroad experience and to end it we got to ride the ATV’s! (Tip: If you can keep this section during the evening it will be better since it’s too hot until 5pm)

We got done with it and went for the Jet Ski’s and Kayak’s during sunset.


We had some snacks and tea, took some rest.

About an hour before dinner we went to the Jacuzzi by the pool to call it a day.

For dinner we visited this beautiful restaurant, “Namak” and I feel it’s the best one out of all at The Aamby Valley. We were warmly welcomed by the Manager, who suggested the best food. The restaurant has stunning architecture, authentic and delicious Indian food, their welcome drink is kickass!

Day 3!

I visited the Spanish Cottages which have a view of the Sayadhari’s. The Cabana Suite has a private pool with the view the lake, just perfect. After that we explored the city until we had our breakfast and then checked out.

It was a really great experience, overall I would definitely give it a 10/10.

Can’t wait to visit that place again.

Thank you Aamby Valley City for having us.

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Thank you for dropping by.